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Industrial Electrical Heaters

For 25 years, we have been manufacturing heaters, heat sensors and carrying out control tasks

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We manufacture it for you based on a drawing or sample


What is broken can often be fixed

Individual heating systems

You know what the task is – we design and manufacture it

About Us

HITZE Co. was founded in 1994 with the aim of producing high-quality, competitively priced components for companies in the plastics processing industry. Based on our experience in the plastics industry, we came to the realization that there is a significant demand for high-quality, affordable and quickly available parts.

From the very beginning, we strove to meet customer expectations at the highest possible level, therefore we handled each individual request with increased attention. Based on market demand, the production of nose heaters was soon followed by the production of mantle heaters (larger and longer-lasting heaters) and thermal sensors.

Over the years, the product range has expanded, and now all heating, temperature sensing and temperature control components for processing machines and tools can be found in our product range.

Among the company’s clients, domestic small and medium-sized companies were the first to appear, which developed together with HITZE Co. over the years. As a result of appropriate references and participation in various professional forums, cooperation was established with larger domestic plastic processing companies and the domestic subsidiaries of multinational companies.

In addition to the production of heating elements and temperature sensors, the activities also include the production and distribution of heating cartridges, the distribution of temperature controllers, the construction of temperature control units, and tool renovations.

Currently, we try to service all orders within 6-8 working days, but we have a large stock of nasal heaters, thermal sensors and heating cartridges for urgent (within 1 hour maximum) service.

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ECO friendly production

Often, bad heaters can be repaired or their parts can be used. For us this is time saving, for you it is cost efficiency. And the environmental load is reduced.


Application of new technologies

If we can stabilize or improve the quality of our products with the help of a new technology, we will integrate it into the production processes in a short time


High quality products

Achieving high quality has always been a priority. In order to achieve this, we searched for the best materials, developed and documented the production processes, and document the customer’s needs.t.

Years of experience




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