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Lots of options

delivery should not be a problem, in a package or even in person

Delivery from stock

We know that anyone who suddenly gets into trouble – unable to produce due to a heating or heat sensor error – needs all the help they can get.

We are prepared to solve urgent operational problems. We have created a stock of hundreds of nasal heaters, heat sensors and heating cartridges.

And in a few hours we can manufacture almost any heating or heat sensor.



These parts are immediately available and can be delivered anywhere in the country within a few hours.

With this, we can avoid a significant loss of production.

However, if sufficient time is available, we will manufacture the part identical to the original in all respects and deliver it to you as agreed.

Production to order

If you need a heater that cannot be replaced or replaced from those in stock, we will manufacture it for you based on a drawing or sample. Production normally takes a few working days, but of course we can also handle it if immediate production is required due to an emergency.


There are several options for receiving the finished products:

  • come and pick it up at our plant in person; if they are close to us or otherwise go there, or in urgent cases, it is advisable to choose this,
  • sent by post; 70-80% of incoming orders are fulfilled this way, because the postage costs are much lower than the cost of travel and time loss, postal delivery takes 1-2 days, please ask us for information on the exact delivery costs when placing the order,
  • courier service; the products can also be sent by courier service, if you cannot come to pick them up but you need the goods urgently. You can also send the courier, but we also have a contract with an affordable, flexible supplier. If you need fast delivery, indicate this when ordering and ask for information about the expected costs.


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