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Welcome to the world of heating and temperature sensors!


nossle heaters, band heaters, flat heaters


J, K, PT-100

Temperature controllers

analog, digital, controller units


cartridges, tubular heaters, rolled heaters

Spare parts

solid state relays, connectors, everything you need for the machine …

UV and infrared lamps

new products

Heaters, senzors and temperature controlers for plastic industry

In 1994, we set ourselves the goal of producing high quality and affordable products


High quality products

Achieving high quality has always been a priority. In order to achieve this, we searched for the best materials, developed and documented the production processes, and document the customer’s needs.


Product trial

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We are prepared to solve urgent operational problems. We have created a stock of hundreds of nose warmers, heat sensors and heating cartridges


ECO friendly production

Often, bad heaters can be repaired or their parts can be used. For us this is time saving, for you it is cost efficiency. And the environmental load is reduced.

There are no small orders

When our company was founded, we were also small… during product development and the production of production equipment, we were also small customers. We were happy if we could buy the smallest possible amount of raw materials without additional costs.

Over the years, this attitude has become one of the basic philosophies of HITZE Co.. We try to help everyone at no extra charge. With us, it is not necessary to order more than one product. We can also produce a piece. We have designed our processes in such a way that we can produce even one piece in high quality.

If you don’t know us yet, you want to try the product for the first time. Until then, he doesn’t even dare to send a larger order. This can also be solved here.

We know that anyone who suddenly gets into trouble – unable to deliver due to a heating or temperature sensor error – needs all the help they can get. To this end, we have hundreds of nasal heaters, heat sensors and heating cartridges in stock. And we can produce almost any kind of heating in a few hours. For this, we have an integrated production management and flexible production organization.

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years of experience

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Address: H – 1211 Budapest, Tekercselő str. 3/A.

Phone: (+36 1) 425 2833

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Opening hours: 8:00am – 3:00pm