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Industrial Electrical Heaters

Try our product!

You can count on us


We manufacture it for you based on a drawing or sample


What is broken can often be fixed

Individual heating systems

You know what the task is – we design and manufacture it

Product trial

If you are not yet our customer, let us convince you. Can’t decide if our product is worth the price?

Or do you prefer to be able to see, hold, or even try on the product to be purchased, and not just order based on a photo or table in a catalog?

This is not a problem for us.

We provide our new (prospective) customers with the opportunity to try the product: specify a nose warmer size and we will send you a trial piece free of charge.

In this way, in their own plant, they can personally verify whether the product’s quality and service life meet your expectations.

For more details, contact us at our contact details.

Choose us!


ECO friendly production

Often, bad heaters can be repaired or their parts can be used. For us this is time saving, for you it is cost efficiency. And the environmental load is reduced.


Using new technologies

If we can stabilize or improve the quality of our products with the help of a new technology, we will integrate it into the production processes in a short time


High quality products

Achieving high quality has always been a priority. In order to achieve this, we searched for the best materials, developed and documented the production processes, and document the customer’s needs.

Years of experience




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